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Beverley Bryant was born in Fremantle, Western Australia and has travelled to many countries utilising my ‘gifts’ and learning along the way. Beverley have a degree in Metaphysical sciences and colour therapy and many other different modalities including aura and chakra photography. Beverley is a highly acclaimed medium with over 30yrs experience. Beverley’s aim is to help as many people as possible to achieve their own sense of belonging within the spiritual self and to share her wisdom and knowledge in the many different aspects of spirituality
Beverley is one of Australias formost practioner and teacher of psychic and spiritual development. Many of W.A.’s most accurate and acclaimed psychic mediums have attended her courses, retreats in WA and overseas and development circles where they have benefited from her extensive knowledge and generous spirit.
Beverley has worked most of her life developing her deep connection with spirit and has travelled the world to update her skills.
She has achieved her Bachelors of Metaphysical Science and is also a member of the Spiritualist National Union.
Beverley is a qualified Reiki Master and teacher, Hypnotist, Colour Therapist and Aura Reader.
Beverley owns and facilitates the Krystal Light Centre in Capel,


Blog: http://krystallightcentre.blogspot.com




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  1. I really enjoyed reading your March newsletter. Especially about the old mans brother in the war and what the brother saw! Great story.

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