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Hi  my name is Beverley Bryant. I was born in Fremantle, Western Australia and have travelled to many countries utilising my ‘gifts’ and learning along the way. I have a degree in Metaphysical sciences and colour therapy. I have four adult children and many grandchildren. I love learning, teaching and sharing my lifelong experiences with others. I have  over twenty five years experience in mediumship and Psychic readings giving messages  from those that have passed over to the other side. I have taught development circles over many years with having great success with former students who are now either working platforms or doing private readings.

Life has led me down many pathways, including becoming a Reiki Master and teaching many students in the past so that they can assist others along their healing journey. Crystal healing along with colour therapy is another one of my passions. I introduce people to the many values of healing with a crystal bed, which has seven extremely clear crystals, which aligns with each of our chakras and helps to cleanse, balance and re align your chakras whilst using colour.  I work with a bio sensing aura/chakra device to gain better knowledge of how your systems are working.

I am a qualified hypnotherapist assisting those with emotional, anxiety, other issues and quit smoking when required.
Sound is another area in which I work within the healing modalities to balance the body and the mind through vibrations, as we are all connected to sound as each molecule, each cell of our body carries a frequency. As our body becomes stressed we feel and give off a discordant vibration. Sound used therapeutically will entrain the out – of- tune parts back into their appropriate frequencies and we then begin to harmonise  and relax with ease.
Retreats are held in Bali every year where you can discover your true self and become enlightened on your intuitive path. You will learn to connect and have understanding of Spirit and how your loved ones continually assist you in this life time. You also will experience spirit communication through a physical Channel,  “Vita” who communicates with spirit. Vita acts as a bridge of consciousness between the spirit and the body through trance.
I also have an aura photography machine available where you can see how well balanced or unbalanced you are. We can tell a lot about oneself when we look at our aura and chakras. With this you will also receive a 22 page report about who you are and a reading.
I have also been involved with spiritual churches for many, many years now not only in the Fremantle/ Gosnells areas, but since moving to Capel ten years ago I have opened two centres; one in Capel and the other in Busselton. Our aim within the centres is to bring like minded people together  to introduce them to spiritualism, whilst assisting with helping people meet their needs and goals via workshops and development circles allowing them to learn to develop their  intuitive gifts whether it be through healing or clairvoyance.
We are not here to change people’s beliefs but to enhance their lives.
 We are a centre that is dedicated to those that are requiring assistance in their lives whether spiritually or financially and we have assisted many over the years through our fundraising efforts.


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  1. Bob is Beverley and he girls porter boy. He carries bag. The bag boy in Bali so all the ladies can enjoy themselves 😀 xx

  2. I really enjoyed reading your March newsletter. Especially about the old mans brother in the war and what the brother saw! Great story.

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