Aura & Chakra Photography & Aura & Chakra Parties.

Aura sizing
•Large, wide aura: (75-100) indicates a strong and powerful radiance. Other people can feel your strong aura. Use your charisma and aura power to achieve your goals and dreams.
•Middle, average aura: (40-75) indicates you have a strong presence and radiant energy. You can achieve your goals by increasing your aura even more and focusing on your goals
•Small aura (0-40) indicates low energy level . Others might see you as introverted or with low physical energy. Try to increase a stronger radiance around you to increase your aura power.



Orange is the main colour
•Indicates excitement, pleasures in life creativity, may live in their own head space
•Right side : Internalizing issues, stressed, needs time alone. (dark colours ) stress is also around the shoulders
•Left side: coming in is peace and harmony
•And ready to get back into life.
•Above the head: Clear thinker, logical thinker, may have issues clearing the mind.
•Right Side of the Head: Too much thinking and not achieving anything and goes to the left side as well headaches worrying.


Our chakras should never be at 100% and there are those who believe that they should be.
•Our chakras need to be between 50% and 70% as this is an average chakra range.
•Anything under 50% is under energies and over 70% is over energised
•Our chakras work with each other at all times to bring in the right amount of balance for us but unless we work with what our bodies tell us this will not be happening.

Chakra Meanings

Root Chakra: Large over active, high energy activity Beware of small accidents re charge your body
•Sacral Chakra: Large over energy holding on to issues that need to be released. Limited emotions, low productivity
•Solar Plexus: Small underactive, low energy activity Have more fun and joy in life
•Heart Chakra: Small Underactive about self love and worth.
•Throat Chakra: Small Underactive may be good at communicating but not speaking their truth
•Third Eye: Small under active need to increase intuition and creativity
•Crown Chakra: Low energy sensitive person need to find new directions and vision in life

Prices start from: $120.00 for 1.5 hours including 22 page report. $80.00 for 1 hour including 22 page report.

Now offering Aura Parties maximum 6 people at $80.00 per person. (it usually takes 20-30 minutes per person).



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