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Church Notices for Busselton Church, held in the CWA hall,
Albert Street, Busselton. Healing at 9.30am and Service at
10.00am. Sunday 6th August – Medium – Marg Parrott.

Church Notices for Capel Church, held in the Capel RSL,
Goodwood Road, Capel. Healing at 9.30am and Service at
10.00am. Sunday 20th August – Medium – Dawn Smith. Share Tweet Forward
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Living the Dream
Well our dream holiday has almost come to an end for this year and what a wonderful experience it has been for both my husband and myself. The warm weather has been great whilst the rest of the state has been freezing. We caravanned up to Darwin and back down the coast and as many places as we could to see the wonderful sights. It’s interesting that we travel overseas and go wow at the sights and people we meet when we can do that in our own country. We have met people from all over the world and from our own town and although we saw lots of gorges they were all different and special for their own reasons. The water ways most of the time were clear and pristine and the sands white and each place was inviting you in for a swim but those crocodiles put me off. There were many of them to be seen but it is ok I found out the fresh water ones don’t really bite you much as their jaws are not big and their throat too small to swallow you. I took many photos of the wonderful scenery and of course can’t have scenery without flowers so I captured them too. It is surprising how many caravans are on the road looking for the perfect place to keep warm. Our scenery is so awesome if you were an artist you would spend a lot of time here and there capturing our landscape. I had a go at doing aboriginal painting and yes any one can do dots but it is how you paint your story that counts. Lots of didgeridoo lessons happening around the places and you could buy them as well for reasonable prices but the best one I saw was in Cooper Pedy from one of the shops there and the guy played it for us. It was like being in heaven the sound was amazing and captured you from the start. Was surprising when you go to the caravan parks you could buy jewellery, have a haircut for 10 bucks yes it did, buy covers for pots and pans, have a massage or reflexology. Everyone earning a little bit to pay their way around the country side.
I can understand those that leave home and venture for two years or more as it takes that long to see just a small amount of our country and once you are on the road you don’t want to come home. For me spending these last few weeks travelling in our van has been “normal’ as I did not do anything on the spiritual sense just wanted to be like all the other holiday makers enjoying the scenery, people we met, doing photography shoots to improve my eye, and relax. I did meet a lady that was working in Derby while they were on holidays and she had sore feet so every day we were there I massaged her feet for the next day, I forgot how much I used to enjoy reflexology and of course trying to catch some fish. I have been really good as I have those running circles and churches I have left them to do it their way so I have been able to let go of controlling situations which is huge for me. Robert almost caught a shark typical had to go home and cook dinner. We watched fireworks in the northern territory took us both back to our childhood when we had guy Fawkes night but the funny thing was that driving home it was like being in a war zone with crackers going off everywhere even along the streets but nice to enjoy. Yes people did get hurt 32 apparently with finger and eye injuries being reported next day. Went to the markets in Darwin food, food and more food but great place to be.
Will I go again definitely as I did not see everything I wanted to.

Amazing is it not the first photo is at Simpson gorge and the second is Wandjana gorge. And that is only two of two thousand I took.
I am sitting here at Billabong roadhouse typing this up and watching the clouds outside darkening I may want to turn around and go back to where I came from. CRYSTALS

I hope August sees you all well. To continue with my series on ancient cultures using crystals for healing and in everyday life, I will be writing about Native American Indians this month. Their use of crystals is rich within the many tribes across North America. Native Americans have relied heavily on their crystals, before they rose in the morning they would consult their morning crystal to see what their duties for the day would be. They would check back again at various times of the day.

Everyone wore crystals, which were concealed from view. There were two exceptions, the Red and White Chiefs wore large crystals around their necks in view of everyone. If the Red Chief fell in battle, assigned warriors would retrieve his crystal and bury it deep with the trunk of a tree, where the enemy could not use its power. If there was no tree then the crystal would be smashed into shards.

According to Native American beliefs, crystals can communicate while existing in multiple dimensions. They offer information we cannot reach ourselves and they promote harmonic symmetry and perfection within the world. They also believed that a person cannot teach another person how to heal with crystals, as the crystals themselves are the teachers.

Clear Quartz was used in diagnostic healing, medications, spiritual development. Religious objects and in funerary rites. It was also used to dispel evil and magical enchantments. Rose quartz was held in high regard for its healing powers. Opals were used to invoke visions. Red Jasper was used in various ceremonial purposes, it was thought to offer the wearer guidance when dowsing for water. Some tribes thought Red Jasper increased one’s sensitivity to the Earth. Scoma Black Jade aids in survival, fights depression and fear. It also serves as a protective source for the wearer. Cherokee Indians would place 7 large crystals in a running stream of water and submerge people for cleansing and purification.

It was believed by some tribes that wearing a hand carved arrowheads as a talisman around their necks as a symbol of protection, courage and strength. It was believed to protect the wearer from illness and acted as a guard against the Evil Eye. It protected one from their enemies and absorbs their power. Azurite was used by some tribes as an amulet to help the wearer contact a Spirit Guide. It was fair when worn or carried, it allowed you to feel the presence of a Guide and to understand the meaning of the message spoken.

Turquoise was considered to be a legendary gift to some tribes; as the Indians rejoiced with the arrival of the rain, tears of joy mixed with this rain and fell to another Earth to create Turquoise “the fallen skystone”. It is a traditional protective stone, and is considered a sacred, protective stone and a bestower of goodness. It was believed to be a lucky stone that brings wisdom, shields one from harmful influences and attracts friendship.

As always, I hope this gives you some further insight into how crystals have been viewed and seen by our ancient forefathers and mothers. As well as giving you inspiration on using crystals in your own healing. Always follow your own intuition with your crystals and how to use them.

Until next month,
Love and light to you all
Well I know some of you will say Beverley reading angel books. I did whilst I was travelling and found this an excellent book and story nothing mushy about it. It is the authors story of how angels came to be of service in her and the families journey on a day to day experience and I guess when we look back over our lives we will find that they have helped us many times over without us noticing what is happening. We put it down to just being lucky or coincidence’s. Some people will call angels are guides but they are not they are two different entity or energies. Our angels are there to protect us as all times through thick and thin. I truly believe we have a specific angel that has been assigned to each and every one of us and it is not important what their names are as truly I don’t think we would get it right it is more important to just know that they are there. There light forever shines through.
Word origin
The word angaros in Persian means courier from the Hebrew language we get the term malakh which means messenger. Both of these words define the angel’s primary function; they listen to our prayers, carry them to heaven and brings Gods answers back to us.
Enjoy this book as much as what I did whilst I was reading it

There is a divine order behind everything that happens, including the time of my passing. I realize that you weren’t ready to let me go, and in many ways I wasn’t ready either. Since my passing, I’ve received spiritual counselling to help me see the big picture of my life and death. I know understand that I had to leave the way I did. It was part of my soul contract—and yours as well.
I know see that everything in this universe is mathematically precise. There are no accidents. At some level, your soul knew that I would leave before you did. We’ve both been preparing for this transition since the beginning of our relationship. I am grateful for the beautiful moments we shared together, along with the lessons I learned from the difficult times. It’s all Divinely perfect
Card chosen from Talking to Heaven by James Van Praggh and Doreen Virtue
Book your tickets to see Peter Hall at the Bunbury Bowling Club come along and bring a friend to support the evening. The more the merrier​

The following are events that are happening so don’t miss out on them, the first being Peter Hall is doing a Psychic evening at the Bunbury Bowling Club in August and we also have a retreat happening in Oct don’t miss this retreat as it will help you in many areas of your development and is an intense week in Bali of learning with tutors who have many years’ experience.

Two places left on this retreat so book now to enhance and understand your connecting with spirit
You will learn new ways to connect and help you understand trance work
Your facilitators Beverley Bryant (BScs) Marg Parrott (BScs) Vita (Trance medium) have many years’ experience teaching those wanting to learn more. This week is for beginners and experienced alike

Let’s talk about healing for a moment as I feel many of us and the world are requiring the energies to help balance out what has been happening over the year. People often ask how can we help the world. First of we have to have intent, this is not something we have to have a degree on we just need to understand that loving thoughts can transpire all over the world if we believe in what we are doing. Take the time to sit in the moment or do a meditation and ask your guides to help you connect with your source and allow the energy to flow. When we have discontentment in a country or people concentrate on that area. If you are concerned as many people are with America and Donald Trump send loving energy to him and to those that are helping to guide him, this also goes for North Korea and any other leaders to are negative and trying to control the world or situations. Sending negative thoughts only causes disharmony to those you are trying to change the energy of.
Just going away from that at the moment I was reading an article from Uri Geller and he predicted the win of Trump and he has also predicted that Trump will bring peace with his honestly so that gives us hope does it not
Healing has always been very important for many people on their pathway but it is a gift we have all been given we don’t have to go and learn it we just need to understand it. When we learn that everything is from spirit, through spirit, to spirit (from the source, through you the person, to the receiver) then the healing will happen. Mothers and fathers have always been healers from the time life began with a simple touch, a warm smile or loving words, this is healing. It makes us and the person receiving better. When we give healing to another we also receive at the same time. It is also known that we need to heal ourselves before we heal others, but in saying that we would never become healers as for some us it would take a life to heal the self. We should really just make sure we are in a good space mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally before we take on healing others. It is no good having say an argument and then go and heal a client as the energies would be all wrong for the one who is receiving. There are many different types of healing and many books written on the subject so if you are going to learn more than do your research to find out what feels right for you and allow yourself to be guided to the right person to teach you.
If you are beginning on your path within the spiritual movement and you want to increase your connection with spirit then healing is the best way to start. It helps to open you up as when you are in the moment of healing whether it be physically or absently you will begin to see colours in a kaleidoscope pattern and then maybe faces or pictures and these may relate to the person you are doing healing on so when you have finished healing then discuss what you see with the person you are healing. They can only say yes or no and don’t get disappointed if you get a no everything is about learning lessons and trusting in spirit and your connection to spirit.
I remember facilitating a retreat in Bali one time and a student asked me how does she find out what it is she is supposed to be doing, my reply was start with healing and you will be guided like we all have been in the past. Twelve months later she was guided to Ayurveda work and was well on her way to helping others. When I first started on pathway it was healing and that is all I ever wanted to do but I have gone on to do many different things and the reason for that it that I had lots to learn to bring back into my healing centre and back doing what I love healing
We have healing at the churches where you can come and have the experience from qualified healers and I am sure that if you wanted to know anything I am sure they are only too pleased to assist you. Healing a person does not take hours on a table it can take as little as ten minutes but we like to give people time to relax and enjoy something that will make them feel cared about. Healing should also be done on a regular basis; my argument has always been if you have a bad back and you go to physio you would go for six to eight weeks or what every they tell you to do but for some reason people have healing and think they only need to have it the once. This is not so, it should also be done over a period of time as it does take a while for the energies to come to the surface and to be focused on as sometimes we are working on emotional issues not physical pain. Also, we give healing to those that are passing over as it is important to prepare the soul for passing. This is important. If there is an accident or a plane goes down or we have an earthquake we cannot rush of to assist those who are dead, dying or injured but we can send healing to the scene or scenario and help many people at the same time.
How can we do this: well we could send our guardian angel to help assist those that are or have passed so that they can be guided home in a safe way. Some souls may not realize they have passed or don’t understand that they need to go to the light (as this is in many books). I remember years ago doing trance work with Vita and a young 8-year-old girl came through and was lost looking for her parents. She told us she was in a car accident and when we explained about the light she said she could only see the headlights of the other car involved in the accident. So, we explained that we were going to bring an angel to her and that the angel would guide her home. All was safe and the young soul returned home.
Many years ago, I knew a young lady who was dying of breast cancer 35 years of age, I remember placing her in my mind’s eye on a massage table and asked spirit to give her healing. I could see many hands working on her body as she lay there accepting all that was being giving. Spirit were healing her soul as she passed within a very short time after that. We don’t have to do anything but be the channel for spirit.
So, remember healing is very important in our work for many different reasons and it is more important sometimes that the mediumship.

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ghostly photo

This photo was taken at the Big Swamp here in Bunbury and was taken of three males for a cover for their next album but as you can see that the person second on the left is a spirit person and not known to the band members. Sorry it was not clear enough but that is how the photo came of the camera.
Thank you to June who has allowed us to use the photo


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