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  1. Hello

    My name is Nerida and I would like to know when you will next have a space available in a Monday or Tuesday development circles. I need help and I’m interested in finding out more about life coaching and spiritual guidance as well as your other services.


  2. Hello, I am interested in a Retreat that I heard would be at Byron Bay soon. Could you tell me about it please and the cost?


    • Hi Vicki i have just organised the next Bali retreat for 2015 and have not yet set any dates for Byron Bay as still seeking information on places to stay etc.

  3. Hi,
    I have read your info with great interest. Do you have any workshops in and around Capel during the day rather than in the evening.
    Many thanks

  4. Hi
    I’m interested in joining a meditation group and development circle on Monday or Tuesday nights, workshops, the Byron Bay Retreat and all your services.
    Best wishes

    • Hi Maria,

      If you signup for our monthly newsletter, we frequently have events and information. We also update our website with other notices.


  5. I am looking for a development circle close or a psychic/ medium closer to Dunsborough. Can you recommend anyone?

    • Hi Karen,

      Currently there is no development circles in the Dunsborough area. We do have new circles during the day on Tuesday and on Wednesday night. We frequently have people who travel from Dunsborough and other areas.



  6. Hi Bev,

    I am hoping we will be able to connect for reading this week before I leave WA. Let me know, thanks, Jenie.

    • Hi Jenie,

      It was lovely speaking with you on the phone the other day and I am looking forward to doing your reading.



      • Thank you for coming along to your reading. It was lovely spending time with you and your loved ones from the other side

  7. Good morning Bev, last night in circle I was able to give a partial reading, it is an amazing feeling to be getting messages and information from spirit in a safe, guided environment. Thank you Bev for the love and guidance xx

  8. Hi Bev,

    You did a reading for me last year that was very helpful when I was visiting my parents in Busselton. I am Rhonda Hislops niece.

    I am planning to move permanently at the end of the year to the Fremantle area and am coming to WA for a visit in a week for a month. I will be offering a small group workshop
    in Perth doing process work re-patterning trauma from conception to early childhood, as well as other life challenges. This one is almost full.

    When we met you said that you had some ways that you would be willing to support me in getting my work out into the communities there. Perhaps a FB page or ?.

    I would appreciate any thoughts that you have and if you would be willing to share my flyer with friends or groups?

    I would love to start connecting with folks.

    Thank you so much,

    • Hi Jenie
      Thank you for reconnecting. Yes if you could send me flyers or information on your workshops I would be pleased to share them. Sorry I have not been in contact sooner but have just returned from Bali

      • Hi Bev,

        thanks for getting back to me. Mt workshop is this weekend and I won’t be doing another until I return in the new year of 2017. I don’t seem to have your correct email address. Would you mind emailing me directly so that I can include my flyer next time? My email is jenieforpeace@gmail.com .

        Thanks so much, jenie.

  9. Hello, was wondering if you’ve used your treatments to help with digestion issues at all? If so what would it involve & cost please.

  10. Hi Lisa yes they can both be done on the same day all you need to is to let me know when you would like it done and allow two hours for the session please
    you will receive a 22 page report and reading on the report so that you understand it and how to improve your chakras and aura through this process
    This technique has helped a lot of people see where they need to make changes in their lives and gives you a happy life and out look

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