Welcome to my Reading’s page. The main types of readings I do are:

Psychic: This form of reading is to provide ‘guidance’ however, as we have ‘freewill’ this can alter significantly or not at all. Psychic readers often use ‘tools’ for clarification. i.e. Tarot cards, Angels cards, Oracle cards, Psychometry and Runes.

Medium: This reading is for those who wish to connect with a passed loved one. Be mindful of the fact those who you wish to connect with are not always the ones who come through via a ‘reading’. Sometimes someone you least expect and sometimes don’t even really want to talk to will come through to provide proof of survival. Sometimes messages are ‘channelled’ via the medium.

Numerology: Which means doing a reading based on using numbers in your birth name and/or date of birth. Amazingly these numerology readings can be very accurate in personality profiling, relationship compatibility, nicknames, future forecast significant dates/months, life pinnacles/cycles and life path.


Readings : $60.00 per 1/2 hour. $100.00 per hour.


7 thoughts on “Readings.

    • Hi Charlene I can do a reading on Tuesday afternoon 27 th October or Thursday morning 29 th October please let me know what time you are available . If this does. To suit you the. Let me know what days are goo for you
      Many blessings

  1. Hi Beverly,
    I just wanted to say a huge thank you. My daughter and I met you at the Cowaramup psychic fair on Saturday and you looked at my daughters aura. You touched myself and her in such a profound way that we would love to stay in touch through your future events.
    Thank you again x

    • Hello Jennifer it was my pleasure and you have an amazing daughter I too would like to see you when you come to our next event. Hope you have signed up for the newsletter so you can keep up to date with what we are doing. Xx

      • Hi Jennifer
        Thank you for coming along to the April FAir i really enjoyed catching up with you and your lovely daughter and i hope you found what you were looking for

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