Spirit Photos and Channelling.

This photo was taken at the Big Swamp here in Bunbury and was taken of
three males for a cover for their next album but as you can see that the
person second on the left is a spirit person and not known to the band
members. Sorry it was not clear enough but that is how the photo came of the
Thank you to June who has allowed us to use the photo



Vita Channelling.


March 2008-04-11
V we are welcomed. Allow your vibration to extend out and beyond and allow your vibrations to connect. The vibrations assist within the channelling and with the communication. You are aware we have explained (yes) do not repeat. You are very knowledgeable individuals in the light. And you are very knowledgeable individuals in the human sense. And allow your sight to go beyond sight, allow your expansion to go beyond. Allow the sight to come from within come to our and see. Do you understand? (Yes). And allow the energy to progress within the circle. The vibration is yours and sight beyond sight. There are senses beyond senses. There are words beyond words, do you understand? (Yes). There is no limitation placed for your own benefit, which are. As they say it is a time to progress and there are many that want to progress, and yet they place walls between learning and their awareness. For how can I want it so badly that I yearn for this, allow it to come. Do you understand? It is a thought, a vibration. It is an enormous energy of light. Don’t let your thought be mixed with fear. For the vibration is requiring when you are standing at where you are. Where have you been? Where have you been, cannot go back to that time, progress. It is not a challenge of mine, it is a progression of life for when the word challenge has come, and it replaces the wall that comes in between. Do you understand? (Yes). And your vibration and your word become a vibration that is communicated outward. Send forth this source of energy and light. And you are aware, and you are aware. Do you sense? (I sense, g/ I see/). This is where you are. It does not say that it is little that is where you ARE. Where you let yourself return. Do you understand? But it is a progression and you are progressing. There is light and limitations of the self. When the physical body feels limitation does it not. It is created by the vibration of all those around. And you connect you become part of the connection. Time to shield the self. Place a bubble around you they say but you need to be part of the vibration. Then ask for those in the right vibration where you are that are progressing in your way and in the manner in which you see is your way of progressing to connect with you. And those that do not connect with you are not in your vibration at this point in time. It is not more or less for them. It is where you are, do you understand?
Do you sense the change in the vibration? (Yes). This energy is bringing calm into this circle of light where the energy wishes to vibrate with a higher energy and therefore the vessel requires to be seated and to be in a higher vibration for the energy of light. Allow the vibration to come into the centre of your circle and allow the vibration to go forth and be with all that you are in your vibrational energy and allow it to penetrate through your solar- heart chakra. Do you feel the vibration? (Yes). Allow it to vibrate mmmmmmmmmmmm. This energy comes to you from a very high source of light. We are here to say to you this evening that we are pleased with your progress. Within your light journey and you are achieving where you are required to achieve. Your senses call it, as we call it a solar. Do you understand? Do you sense, do you feel, (yes).
Are you aware of your own vibrational energy changing within this point in time. This is your vibrational time of change. This is when you will be huh, do not fear. This is yours for the taking. This is yours in this point and in time, in this second. What has been thought has already passed. What is happening is the now. Do you understand? The vibrational changes within your light force energy is whom you are. We come to you with patience and virtue and honesty and calmness. Allow it to progress through your time, through your vision of light what a different vision of light, the vibration changes as you require, you draw to the vibration to your body, therefore the vessels voice changes and the vibration goes forth and beyond the layers that you are before you and before your self and before others. For you are more they’re just the one. Do you understand the concept? Allow the vibration now to change for it is within your own source that yo can change the vibration, we are here to connect with you to allow you to experience change in vibration which you are in control of. Which is your own force of light, what ever you wish to call whatever you need to call what ever you need to be called which is your own. It is not for others to name or say what it is. It is your own. We call it vibration. For vibration radiates outward and touches and senses all other vibration. It comes back in a ripple effect. You are aware of this, this is the law. Some call it Karma. When you give out good and good then comes back and you give out what you call negative and negative comes back. It is a vibrational energy it just ripples backward upon yourself.
Why not sense that. Why not feel that. Why not use that for your own benefit. You are great mediums. Do not laugh; do not hiss within the self. Do not place, huh, I don’t think so. That is your vibration, you have just progressed outward. Do you understand? You are great mediums. That’s much better, sense it in the physical, and sense it in the spiritual, for there are many who wish to communicate. Your desire is to be a great medium to stand before others and speak the words that come. Why not? It is a belief as you call it, sense the vibration. The vibration. The word confidence, sense it, express it, feel the ripple effect that it does. It is change. It is good. You are connected with self. Can you see the change? Can you see changes in the physical? Hold it. Allow it to change. Do you feel? Feel the third eye, there will be energy penetrated to you as the individual. Each will be given their own source of energy, which is required. Do you see or do you feel? Allow yourself to feel. Allow the energy to come. Do you feel it now?
Good evening (new energy)
We are welcomed.
The vibration wishes to be of your circle of light. It is pleasing to see. We are pleased. Allowing the vibration to be part of your experience is a learning of understanding, where you are placed upon your universal light and law. Universal energy from that comes from the voice of the vibrational energy. This is how we communicate with you this evening and all other times for the vibration is yours. You are wondrous beings of light. Do not question the way you are. Move on for when you question you place the walls. Progress onward
Is there a question?
b) We are trying to put ourselves out there as you are aware. Are we doing this in the right direction?
v) You are progressing in your journey of light. Just as it is meant to be. There is a wrong way. Fix it. There is a corner to turn, you shall turn. Your own guidance within your self will turn. Go and be confident within the self, for confidence is a vibrational energy. Everything works with the vibe as you require. Do not fear what you are not at yet. When are there (could not pick up what was said to finish the conversation on tape)
b) Why is it today that people don’t seem to have time or maybe are not interested in the healing of others and the planet? Are we all too busy?
v) It is time to call in a different vibration. It is time for you to ask those that require your vibrational energy whether healing or communication or understanding to come to you. Your vibrational energy is changing therefore it is time to receive others of a similar vibration that can understand and take what you are giving. Some come and stay in the state that they are and never progress. You are individuals who like progression within people. Not to stay still for your ambition is to do the food and to make the individual grow with in the self. You understand there are many who just draw on the healing and they stay. A guidance mechanism, which requires change within it self. It is time for the learning time to set some aside as it come into one. Your goal is to be a great medium, is it not? There fore this is your progression. The other path has come into five you skill and the confidence and guidance. And progression as many great mediums or healers have had their own journey. Their own path, other things and it just eliminates. Some are great speakers. And the progression that makes the communication and understanding as you call it the spirit world and you call it the vibrational world. It is for ever changing and progression never still. Can you explain about the lack of circle commitments at this time with those who attend, not this circle, as they never want a break?
v) It requires whether a few days, a few weeks of the vibrational energies. The ones that do not hit you yet shall heed the signs. You shall ask again later. As they require your assistance in their journey that you are participating in. for when you they pick up on the right vibration that you have the same connection. Some say “I have know you for so long” or “ I feel I have met you before”, do you understand? It is a vibrational energy that calls you together, and therefore as it changes. Do you understand? So ask. And these things happen that are obviously what is of your doing to always of the other as they are always in control of their own life and destiny and you are of yours. Let them choose yes or no. Do not fear that. Do not be disheartened for you are creating a regimental amount of vibration that put negativity as you call it, in front. It is only a progression. Do not be disheartened, do not feel that ‘ I am not doing the right thing”, “I have not taught well”. They are not in the vibrational energy. You take it on a personal level. It is not an attack on who you are on your spiritual level. It is what ever you wish to call it or on your knowledge. Do not ask. It is like when people become your friends and you become connected and all of a sudden your values change and their values change and their thoughts change and you do not sit well any more. It is almost like you break the strings from one another and then another individual comes along and you have a strong connection there. It is the same. You have experienced this and you all experience this. It is not a reflection on the self. It just as is.
Can you sense the change in energy? Love and light to you.
All) love and light to you
v) At which the vibration, so when the connection, with what ever you wish to call us, is gone. The vibration needs to stay with you. Not to say it has gone and to just leave it and come out with exhaustion. But it is not intent. It is not our desire. It is for you to be vibrated. Some to sleep. Ask the vibration to ease down. Down to sleep yes. Ask for the vibration to stay. And then to ease down as it is mellowing, calming. Penetrate your mind already to the future as you call it, before bed and visualise your self-sleeping so comfortably. Do not visualise I am going to have a hard time to sleep, do you understand? Place the vibration at. We wish you all the love and light, and we feel this room, the energies. And to give you our image within your own human sense, we place balloons of colour in light some that reflect energy outward, some immense colour, for balloons as part of a party atmosphere, a celebration of life. Before you come in to your room, place the energy, sit inside the house, visualise or connect a vibration, all can have their own sense of party theme; bring the vibration in before you enter. This also goes towards the healing, in any form in your house, your car, the shopping centre. For you will hit others and you will be like this wondrous light and there is healing that way. Love light to you all. (All) love light to and thanks
MAY 2008
V you are welcome. Do you sense the energy (yes),
B you are welcomed
V there is strength in the energy in this room this evening. There is energy of wisdom and knowledge and those beyond that are in the spiritual realm and there are those on the physical level. There is an immense energy of wisdom and knowledge. Do not limit yourself with your own thinking, expand your awareness by listening and observing and understand there is a greater picture in front, above, behind, below to the sides for there are many who do not understand that there is much more in front and do not understand that there is much more beyond. By expanding of the vision, it becomes a vision of the mind and therefore it does expand beyond in the wisdoms you are aware of it. Do you sense the change around you? Allow it to progress. Allow it to lift.



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