Intuitive Learning with Like Minded People

Intuitive Learning with Like Minded People:

*Monday Night – Intuitive Learning with Like Minded People (Invitation Only) ($15.00)

*Wednesday Afternoon – Meditation and Healing Learning Only (All Welcome) – 2.00pm to 4.00pm ($15.00)

Krystal Light Healing Centre offers frequent workshops which vary from Colour Therapy, Drum Making and many more. We also run ‘Intuitive Learning with Like-minded People’, weekly where we meditate and learn various techniques to develop our intuition.

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Drum Making            Painted DrumDream Catcher

5 thoughts on “Intuitive Learning with Like Minded People

  1. Hi Beverley
    Peter Hall suggested I contact you for guidance in meditation, workshops and circle work.
    i need to fully embrace and develop my spiritual abilities and Peter feels strongly you are the ideal person to help me achieve this.
    I am keen to learn, begin my journey and in the very near future create a business from the knowledge, understandings and guidance from yourself and others and spirit to establish a secure source of income.
    My mobile number is 0409117661.
    Kindest regards

    • Hi Maria
      We now have more classes available if you are still interested in coming along to learn with like minded people

  2. Hi Bev
    I was wondering where the Wednesday evening intuitive learning with like minded people is held?
    0438 077 443

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